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About Us

Andree and Linda Martin

First and foremost, let us introduce ourselves. We are Linda and Andree Martin. Owners, operators and poop picker-uppers of Saddleback Mtn Ranch. In May of 2000, along with our dogs, Felix, Oskar and Maddie, we reached our dream of living in Agua Dulce, overlooking Vasquez Rocks, and enjoying the ranching country lifestyle. We first started with a barn and two horses. Our disdain for weed whacking led us to goats, which then led us to Eunice and Emma. Our miniature donkey "guard dogs" which patrol the pastures at night. We then discovered alpacas. After numerous trips to alpaca farms and research on the web, we were hooked. The elegant beauty and personality of these critters have given our ranch a greater feeling of peace and tranquility. Life here, without a doubt, is very nice. The financial benefits we have today and what we will see in the future are an added bonus.

What started out as a house in the country, has throughout the years, turned into a fully functional, full service, working ranch. All this, with both of us having full time positions. Linda is a High School teacher in Santa Clarita, with Andree working in the motion picture industry.

Along the way, one aspect of the ranching lifestyle absolutely stands out. The unconditional assistance, advice and support we have received from within and beyond our community. We are grateful for the friendships formed and the friendships still to come. Our good fortune, has us firmly committed to offering the same unconditional support given to us. Sale or no sale, we are here to help. We need to pass our good fortune on to you. All in all, this ten year adventure has been a spiritual and truly rewarding experience in every way. We look forward to the years to come! We welcome you to join us!


Saddleback Mtn Ranch offers the following services:

Myotonic goat sales
Pre and post sale support

Normal daily care and feeding
Health care services
Veterinary assistance
Transport Services
Breeding services

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Myotonic Goat Registry

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