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June - October 2018

Kidding season is over and we had a grand total of 17 boys and 3 girls. This does not mean that my does only throw boys; my next kidding could produce all girls. It is a random act that only nature has control of! All have found their forever homes and we won't be expecting new kids until October. If you are interested in purchasing a buckling, wetherling or doeling, I suggest you email me so I can put your name on a waiting list. Kids are usually sold within days of their birth, usually to the people I email their pictures to when they are days old.

We went to the Buckles and Bling competition in Bakersfield on June 8th and 9th and competed in the MGR and FGG shows with 4 entries. Six week old Flash Gordon won Junior Reserve Champion Buck beating out bucks as old as six months! Three month old Maverick won Junior Reserve Champion Wether against those as old as six months as well.

Coco Puff and Loki each placed second in their divisions also.

All kids come with shots, worming, banding if needed, hoof trim and papers from the Myotonic Goat Registry. Doelings and bucklings are $300 dollars and wethers are $150 dollars.

We have strived to breed our stock to attain the highest quality offspring possible. We are very happy with these results! It gives us confidence that our breeding program is on the right track. As we move forward in 2018, we guarantee our continued effort to do our best.

To contact us immediately, our cell phone is (661) 305-3755 or our home phone is (661) 268-7669.

Take care and all the best to you for now,

Linda and Andree Martin

Last Fall in Agua Dulce:

These are the Fainting Goat competition pictures of 2011 and 2012. We haven't travelled to Ramona the last few years because most prospective buyers are not interested in showing goats. This helps us keep the prices down too! Buyers can request a myotonic registered and micro chipped kid for competition purposes if they wish to show or breed.

Triple T Rivers: 2012 Senior Champion Buck Triple T Rivers: 2012 Grand Champion Buck Jasper: 2012 Senior Champion Wether Jasper: 2012 Grand Champion Wether
Triple T Rivers won Senior Champion Buck and Grand Champion Buck at the Valley of the Fainting Sun Open MGR Show SMR Jasper won Senior Champion Wether and Grand Champion Wether at the Open MGR Show.
Peanut: 2012 Junior Champion Wether Peanut: 2012 Junior Champion Wether SMR Laker: 2012 Reserve Junior Champion Buck SMR Laker: 2012 Champion Futurity Buckling
SMR Peanut won Junior Champion Wether and Reserve Grand Champion Wether at the Open MGR Show SMR Laker won Reserve Junior Champion Buck at the 2012 Valley of the Fainting Sun Open FGG Goat Show. At the Oktoberfest Futurity Show he won Champion Futurity Buckling.
Ancient Valley Coffee Crunch Cookie ANC: 2012 Senior Champion Doe
Ancient Valley Coffee Crunch Cookie ANC ("Oreo") won Senior Champion Doe and Reserve Grand Champion Doe at the Open MGR show

2011 Winners

Bambi, Yearling Champion Doe Bambi, Reserve Grand Champion Doe Trixie, Yearling Reserve Champion Doe Coffee Crunch, Senior Reserve Champion Doe
Bambi won Yearling Champion Doe and Reserve Grand
Champion Doe on the 4th.
Trixie won Reserve Yearling Champion Doe on the 4th Coffee Crunch Cookie won Reserve Senior Champion Doe on the 5th.
Elvis, Junior Champion Wether Elvis, Reserve Grand Champion Wether Jasper, Senior Champion Wether Jasper, Grand Champion Wether
Elvis won Junior Champion Wether and Reserve Grand Champion
Wether on both the 4th and 5th.
Jasper won Senior Champion Wether and Grand Champion
Wether on the 4th.
Buck-a-Roo, Yearling Champion Buck-a-Roo Grand Champion Buck Triple T Rivers, Western Regional Champion Buck  
Buck-a-Roo won Yearling Champion and Grand Champion
Buck on the 4th.
Triple T Rivers, our latest addition, won Western Regional Champion Buck!

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